Small books with great import for us


By Bishop Hope Morgan Ward

They came together from Abingdon in May – three new books from three great leaders of our church. I commend them all to you this summer, for your personal meditations or your Sunday school class or covenant group. They are each small enough to carry on a trip, rich enough to engage your spirit, wise enough to ponder.

Enough:  Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity by Adam Hamilton is a clear, succinct guide to faithfulness and joy in the midst of financial stress. Contentment is the Biblical way, expressed in this prayer, “Lord, help me to be grateful for what I have, to remember that I don’t need much of what I want, and that joy is to be found in simplicity and generosity.” The financial principles offered are Biblical, profoundly simple and practically effective.

The Balancing Act:  A Daily Rediscovery of Grace by Robert Schnase offers meditations from life experiences followed by an evocative question and a prayer. The last meditation is the theme of the 2009 Annual Conference in Missouri, “Someone Out There.” Somewhere out there is a couple financially stressed. Someone out there is a child who will be blessed by your church. Someone out there is a family blessed by a mosquito net. As we engage in mission, we experience glimmers of God’s grace.

Upside Living in a Downside Economy by Mike Slaughter offers God’s perspective in our daily financial concerns. Financial freedom begins with knowing who God is. God’s will for our lives is not debt. It is important to remember in planning for the future that we are not in control. Live the fundamental life principle of sowing and reaping.