People still laugh as we build our ‘arks’


A Stream Of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook

“Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight and was full of violence.” — Genesis 6:11 NIV

We all know the story of Noah and how God saw how the people were living and how corrupt they had become. God was disappointed in the way they were living. So, he decided to start over and create a new world.

He knew that Noah was dedicated to him, so God told Noah to build an ark that would hold his family and two of each animal. Noah obeyed God and started building the ark according to God's way.

As Noah started the building phase, according to children's book, the people on the ground were laughing at him at what he was doing. They couldn't understand what he was doing and why. So, all they could do was laugh at Noah and his family. Noah told them that it was going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights. The people who were watching said it wouldn't rain that long and didn't believe Noah. So, instead of helping and coming aboard, they just watched and laughed.

The day came to get aboard the ark with animals and family members. Noah still urged the people to get on, but they wouldn't. After Noah and his family and the animals boarded, the rains came. God closed the door and shut it tightly. The people then understood then what was going on, but  and it was too late to get on board the ark. It started to rain, but Noah and his family was safe and everything on board the ark. God made sure that everything was done according to his instructions and everyone was on board for the 40 days and nights. They took care of each other, the animals and fowl of the air.

People are doing the same thing as they were doing while Noah was building the ark. When people heard about Jesus Christ coming back, they started and are still laughing and don't believe Christians. They laugh when they are told that we need to know that he will be coming back to get all of his people. People laughing at the idea of Jesus Christ coming back don't believe. Instead they have their own way. As He did with the flood, God will soon lock the door to heaven, and everyone outside will soon see that it was true, that Jesus Christ did come back.

Yes, heaven doors will be closed and all believers will get in. They are still trying to tell people that soon it will be too late to get in. Some people do not want to hear the message. God loves us all, and he wants his followers to deliver his message to non-believers.

Do you have a message for non-believers telling them about Jesus Christ and his return to gather his people? We don't know when he will return, but we must be ready and keep looking for his return.

Are you ready for His return?