Generous gifts establish Epworth as Elijah Church


“Please let me inherit a double portion of your spirit. . .” — II Kings 2:9

Recently a member of Epworth United Methodist Church said, “This is hard but I hope to drive by here and see the parking lot full of cars and children everywhere.”

Epworth UMC in Jackson is an Elijah Church, a church that makes an intentional decision to share its building and resources with other ministries in a way that is resonant with the changing demographics and community needs.  Just as Elijah cast his mantle upon Elisha, Epworth cast its mantle upon Anderson South, a new congregation.

Epworth has given generous financial gifts to the Methodist Rehabilitation Center, Methodist Children’s Home and United Methodist Senior Services as well as the gift of land, buildings and furnishings to Anderson South.

Each of the Epworth members will be seeking a new church home in the greater Jackson area.  Some will become a part of Anderson South.  Others will seek a church geographically nearer their homes. 

Let us all give thanks for this remarkable witness.  Epworth, founded in 1954, on June 21 celebrated 55 years of Christian ministry in south Jackson. 

John Wesley wrote, “I rode to Epworth, which I still love beyond most places in the world.” We give thanks for the people of Epworth who have loved thousands through the years. We give thanks for Anderson South and all those who will be blessed through their ministry.