Caswell Springts adopts "new" tradition


When the Rev. H.W. Parker retired from pasturing churches in Florida in 2002 and came home to Mississippi, he brought with him a of erecting a floral cross during Holy Week. 

When Parker joined the staff at Caswell Springs United Methodist Church, he suggested the idea to the Rev. Jim Fisher and the Worship Committee as Easter approached in 2003. Thus began an undertaking that has continued.

The cross is 16 feet tall, with an 8-foot cross beam. Laying flat on the ground, a group of 10 to 15 volunteers cover the bare wood with 60 blocks of Oasis (wet floral foam), 150 white gladiolas, 150 red carnations,100 white carnations,50 stems of plumose, 20 stems of white fungi mums, 20 stem of white alstermeria and 15 stems of white daisy pomes. When covered, the cross is stood upright and braced. As darkness descends it is spotlighted. The cross goes up on Maundy Thursday and remains through Easter Sunday.

The membership of Caswell Springs helps to defray expenses through honorariums or memorials to loved ones. For seven years, Caswell Springs has erected the floral cross as a reminder of all that Holy Week and Easter Sunday means.