Hope for Africa choir available for concerts


After receiving an enthusiastic response at the Mississippi Annual Conference, the Hope for Africa Children’s Choir will return to the state later this month.

The choir will be in Mississippi July 13-25, and churches may schedule the group to appear in their cities.

The churches are asked to:
• Collect a love offering
• Provide housing with members
• Provide breakfast at the host home
• Provide lunch and dinner at church or other site

The choir is part of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Ministry of the United Methodist Church. The ministry was initiated to address the challenges facing the East Africa Annual conference. The East Africa Episcopal Area is comprised of five sovereign states of Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. It covers a total land area of about 2.85 million square kilometers with a total population of 116,117,987.

For more than two decades these countries have not enjoyed stability and peace. Uganda has had civil wars for over twenty years and about a quarter of the population has lived in restricted camps. There is a whole generation that has had its entire life in internally displaced people’s camps.

In the case of Rwanda the country is yet to fully recover from the impact of the 1994 genocide. For Burundi, it has had numerous coups and civil wars. Equally Sudan has been subjected to more than 50 years of civil war in the South and Darfur is just recovering from the SPLA/M rebellion. This part of the country has no infrastructure worth to talk about. Of late Kenya, which has been relatively peaceful, has just had political and social unrest due to the post election crisis.

In addition, the region has been hit by diseases such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic, malaria, and of recent Ebola. These diseases have left millions dead resulting into growing numbers of orphans and widows. Thus a number of households are in the hands of either the aged or children. All these events have greatly impacted on the social, political and economic prosperity of these countries.

To schedule an appearance by the choir, call Brenda McGloster in the conference office at 601-354-0515 or 866-647-7486.