VBS project sends students on TREK against hunger


Special to the Advocate

Each day during Vacation Bible School, students are “sent” on a mission adventure with the Society of St. Andrew’s new VBS mission project, “TREK.”  The adventures put them on the front line of learning the importance of eating healthy, sharing with others and using their hands to help God’s hungry children.

“TREK Mission Adventure” is offered at no cost by the Society of St. Andrew (SoSA; Advance #801600 and Resolution #4093 of the United Methodist Church).  It is designed to supplement VBS programs and can be easily adapted to any VBS theme.

This year’s program features daily “Go Green” facts with such information as how much it costs the U.S. to dispose of all its food waste.  Daily activity sheets for all ages also contain short scripturally based stories, facts about hunger and SoSA’s hunger-relief ministry, potato trivia and pencil activities.

In addition to the fun and educational aspects of these daily “mission adventures,” the goal for each VBS is to raise enough through student offerings for the Society of St. Andrew to save and donate 1,000 pounds of fresh produce that will end up on the plates of hungry Americans.  At about a nickel a pound, that’s a goal of $50.

The Society of St. Andrew’s national hunger-relief ministry uses thousands of volunteers to glean (save) excess fresh vegetables and fruits that are perfectly good and nutritious but can’t be sold because of market factors. Instead of letting this food go to waste, SoSA ships it to agencies throughout the nation that feed the hungry, and does it at a cost of a little over 5 cents a pound.

“It’s a simple and effective way to obey Jesus’ command to feed the hungry, while also being good stewards of our nation’s abundance,” explained The Rev. Jennifer Vestal Moore, SoSA’s director of church relationships.

Last year 157 churches used the Society of St. Andrew’s VBS mission project. The children attending VBS enthusiastically answered Jesus’ call to feed the hungry by donating $36,846 – enough to provide more than 2.1 million servings of food to hungry men, women and children. On average, each participating VBS raised more than four-and-half times the goal of $50.

All materials are free and available now. Order a sample kit today. There is no obligation. Call Moore at the Society of St. Andrew, 800-333-4597; email church@endhunger.org; fax your request to 434-299-5949, or order online at http://www.endhunger.org/vbs.htm. If your materials do not arrive within two weeks of placing your order, please call the Society of St. Andrew.