Discover God’s Call offers new experience


Discover God’s Call in Mississippi has ventured into new waters.

On May 1-3 the group took its retreat into a church and did the event specifically for that congregation. Batesville First United Methodist Church had a group of members participate in the retreat, modified especially for a local church setting. From all accounts the retreat was a huge success. The pastor, the Rev. Pat Ludlam was supportive of the retreat and said he hopes that in time the congregation will see many positive results in their ministry because of the retreat.

Now he says that the participants are excited about what they learned and are more serious in seeking what God wants them to do. One participant, Barbara Broome, said that the retreat just woke her up. She had heard of spiritual gifts but had no idea what her gifts were. Now she knows what they are and is looking forward to how God wants her to use them.

“I was honored to have been able to attend the retreat at such a young age,” says Kelly Cosby, a senior at Delta State University. She says the retreat has helped her to know what God wants her to do.

The retreat began Friday afternoon with registration and dinner at the church. The retreat ran all day Saturday with all sessions, lunch and dinner at the church and concluded with a dedication service incorporated into Sunday morning worship service. The retreat inspirational speaker, the Rev. Julian Davis, associate pastor of Parkway Heights UM Church in Hattiesburg, brought the Sunday morning message.

For more information about how this retreat was received in Batesville, contact Ludlam at 662-563-1799.

Discover God’s Call recommends that before having a retreat in a church, cluster, community or district that several church members to attend the regular retreat coming up Nov. 6-8 at Camp Wesley Pines in Gallman. The chapter planning team of Discover will need an on-site team to help with planning and publicity for the local retreat.

For information about the fall retreat, contact President Charlie Wood at 662-841-0828, Registrar Steve Seeley at 601-372-7461 or visit