Letter: Stem cell research provides hope for diseases


Amid near hysterical arguments that using leftover human stem cells is a form of abortion, I, as a born again Christian, offer these reasons in favor of their use.

The major argument for their use is the probability that many horrible diseases can be cured and physical defects corrected in people with little or no hope. But if the stem cells are not used in a reasonable time, they will be destroyed.

The idea that this is a sophisticated method of abortion is ridiculous. A stem cell is the preliminary step in the creation of a living person. Any country boy knows that freezing warm-blooded mammals, and many plants, at the freezing temperature of water kills any life in it. And it should not require the mind of a rocket scientist to understand what happens to any living matter stored in a container of liquid nitrogen. And the cells will eventually be destroyed if they are not used.

Finally, for those who believe we are breaking God's commandant "Thou shalt not kill," the Bible provides a clear answer. "Stem cells" are not living beings, they are preliminary steps required in the creation process. Genesis 2:7 of the 1615 King James Bible declares "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul."

And in retrospect, medical scientists understand that we can duplicate, or use substitute methods to get the fetus ready, but God and God alone can insert the soul.
Donald R. Windham
Bay Springs