The weeds and the bushes


A Stream Of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook

“I am the true vine and my father is the gardener.” — John 15:1

Spring is arriving at last. The birds are singing and it's time to star planting new flower beds. We're getting ready to start getting our yard in shape. We're just about ready to get outside and get things done. We get our tools and whatever we need to prune our big bushes.

We haven't had too much winter this year, but a lot of things need to be done. We trim trees and bushes so that we can watch everything grow.

Today's scripture tells us that God is the gardener, and he watches everything we have and He wants us to enjoy all things that like we do. So many times we seem to forget what He has given us. Why can't we take care of things that He has placed in our care?  So many times we find ourselves not taking care of His creation. We don't understand how we must work to keep His land. Sometimes we act like we're not sure what He wants, and we just leave it alone and let it pass away. After He created this world, why can't we help keep it growing and have something beautiful?

The Bible tells us how God takes care of us, and gives us everything we need even if a lot of it we don't deserve it. As the gardener, He prunes us like trees so that we can grow. He likes to shape us so that we enjoy doing for Him and His will. When He prunes, He reshape us, and we learn that we have a clean soul for Him to work with. He wants to clean our life and have Him us as our Lord and savior. All you have to do is try Him. He will take you by the hand and guide you through life.

We were doing things on our own and not talking to Him first. By letting Him shape you into something of His, He will always be with us. When we don't know it, He's reshaping our life. Just as we prune our bushes and trees, He's reshaping our lives. Remember, we belong to God, all we need to do is answer, “Here I am Lord, reshape me and tell me what you would like to me do.”

He's waiting.

Let's open ourselves to God, let Him prune us and make us new as He wishes.

Westbrook is a member of Pearl United Methodist Church and a regular contributor to the Advocate.