Adams UMC honors Carruth


The congregation of Adams United Methodist Church celebrated its oldest member in February.

Ruth Williams Carruth celebrated her 101st birthday on Feb. 22. She was one of nine siblings and the only one still living. In 1930 she married John P. Carruth, Jr. and became a member of Adams Methodist Church in Auburn. She still attends church on a regular basis except on Mother’s Day – she does not want to be the oldest mother present.

Carruth’s accomplishments include an unknown number of handmade quilts and needlework designs that have been, and still are, enjoyed by many. Her two adopted sons, Leland and John Paul Carruth, were clothed in their younger years by her sewing skills. Due to bad eyesight and loss of hearing, Carruth can no longer do the things she enjoys most: Quilting and needlework. 

In her 101 years Carruth says she has seen many changes. Recently, she experienced for the first time a fast food drive through. She says she is awed by the life and lifestyles of today and the wonders of the technological age in which we live.