5 ministries take first step in Communities of Shalom journey


Communities of Shalom is a ministry birthed at the 1992 General Conference. The purpose of this ministry is not only to address social justice issues on the surface, but to examine the root causes of economic and social disparity and solve problems via systemic changes. 

Several Mississippi churches just completed the initial training for Communities of Shalom. They are: I Challenge You (ICU), a community program based at Revels UMC in Greenville; Unique Learning Center for Children (ULCC) based at Wesley UMC in Greenwood; Holmes County Town and Country Ministries based in Goodman; Cluster of Love, an ecumenical ministry based at New Zion UMC in Crystal Springs, and Cornerstone Ministry, a cooperative ministry in the Forest Hill community in South Jackson which includes Middlebrook UMC and Forest Hill UMC. 

After the initial training, the selected sites, as a group, will go through five training sessions facilitated by Will Dent the national Communities of Shalom representative. The training sessions will rotate sites to allow the national representative as well as Shalom participants to be exposed to as many sites as possible. After completing the five required training sessions, each site will be certified as a Community of Shalom site and receive a start up grant from the National Communities of Shalom organization.

For information on this ministry, contact the Rev. Fitzgerald Lovett, the Mississippi Conference representative for Communities of Shalom, at fitzgerald@mississippi-umc.org.