Gift of books make world of difference


By Rev. Dr. Gary Thompson
Guest Columnist

Most of us have heard the story about the boy picking up starfish that had been washed ashore by a storm and throwing them back into the sea. A man passing by, seeing thousands of starfish on the beach, pointed out the futility of the boy’s efforts. The man insisted, “What you are doing won’t make any difference.”

“It will make a difference to this one,” the boy responded, as he threw another starfish back into the water.

One billion peoplein our world live in extreme poverty having less than one dollar each day to provide for their family. You and I can’t help all of them but we can make a difference. A new mission initiative is being launched to help you and your church accomplish a great deal in helping the extremely poor in India. By holding a book drive in your church you can support Second Mile Global Coalition and provide care for children who have no family, medical care for those who would otherwise have no access to a physician, community development and food for the hungry. You can help educate a Bible college or seminary student who will become a church planter who believes in ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those living in extreme poverty.     

The used books you donate will be sold at an affordable price to those who could not otherwise afford such books. The money collected from the sale of these books is used to fund our orphanages, schools, church planting program, medical clinics and microenterprise loan program.

In addition to used Bibles and Christian books there is a great need for good children's books, both Christian and secular. One of the best ways for a young Indian living in a remote village to improve the prospects for his/her future is to get a good education and become proficient in the English language. Good children's books written in English can contribute immensely to this process.

For information go to Second Mile Global Coalition’s web site at or contact Thompson at or 228-861-1944. Thompson is pastor at Biloxi First UMC.

• Personally donate used Bibles, Christian books, children's books
• Give $1 per book you donate to help pay the cost of collecting, shipping and distribution
• Make an additional donation to help with the cost of used books collected from other sources such as libraries 
• Organize a book collection event through your church, Sunday school class or other group 

Needed Used Books
• Bibles (all translations)
• Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, etc.
• Christian books
• Encyclopedias
• Dictionaries
• Good children's books (secular and Christian)
Please, books only, no CDs, cassettes, videos, etc.