Online 2009 to help churches onto Web


Online 2009 is a new ministry of the Mississippi Conference that is helping churches move to the next level of service. 

Online 2009 is designed to give Mississippi churches a way to reach out to their local and world communities for Christ by establishing a presence on the worldwide web and assisting pastors who have been reticent of the technological advances around them to establish e-mail accounts. The pilot phase of Online 2009 recently sent out solicitations for churches to complete an application requesting assistance in establishing a web site. The web development service is free for the selected churches. The only cost for the selected congregations is the web hosting fee, i.e., the cost to have their web site on the worldwide web. 

Three churches were selected as pilot churches. They are Asbury UMC in Holly Springs, Haven UMC in Winona and Mount Pleasant UMC in Gulfport. After the launch of the pilot web sites at Annual Conference, other churches will be selected on a rolling basis. The goal of the program is for every African-American church in the Mississippi Conference to have a web site.

For  information on these ministries, contact the Rev. Fitzgerald Lovett, the conference representative for Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st at, or Sandra Randall, Online 2009 program coordinator, at