Who is staying?


“Here I am!” — 1 Samuel 3:4

It is that time of the year when clergy talk turns to moving.

"Who is moving?" 

"Are you moving?"

"I am trying to decide whether to stay or to move."

For the past four appointive seasons, approximately 1 out of every 7 clergy moved.  Six out of every 7 clergy stayed. 

Itineracy is fundamental to our connection. Clergy are appointed to a location of ministry for a season of ministry.  

Studies of pastoral tenure and church vitality show a high correlation between longer pastoral tenure and church health and growth. 

Do clergy stay because churches grow? Do churches grow because pastors stay? 

Both, I'm sure. It is my hope that your place of mission and ministry is a fulfilling place for you. Where this is the case, it is my commitment to work with you for longer stays and fewer moves so that our number of longer tenures and stronger churches will increase year by year. 

Let us pray for one another during this season of discernment, and let us recognize the work of God through us accomplished over time.