Wellness screenings latest offering by BOMB


Special to the Advocate

The Mississippi Conference Board of Medical Benefits has embraced another preventative wellness program for the Conference Health Insurance Plan – Healthy You! screenings.

Free coverage of important wellness screenings and immunizations is based on age and gender to ensure you are given the screenings you need to receive “know your numbers”.

 “The responsibility of our board is to provide the best, most affordable and most comprehensive plan we can for our families,” said the Rev. Trey Harper, chair of the Board of Medical Benefits. “Part of the decision to move to Blue Cross Blue Shield was based on our need to increase the wellness aspect of our program. The Healthy You! visit is such an amazing opportunity for our clergy and families. 

“It is a thorough physical exam that is completely free for our participants. t cost nothing but time and effort to go to your family doctor and get the information you need to improve your health. I speak from experience in saying how simple a process it is, and then you can go have a healthy lunch with what you would have spent on a copay. 

“Wellness is vital to improving our ministry and supporting the work of our annual conference. Really, there are no legitimate reasons for not taking advantage of this great opportunity.”

To receive your free screening, simply call your network health care provider and ask to schedule an appointment. Please be sure to specify that the appointment is for a Healthy You! screening covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi. Your provider will assign the correct insurance code so you will not be billed.

The Healthy You! screening is one of the requirements that must be completed in 2009 to qualify for the health insurance premium holiday, which is an opportunity to skip a month’s payment.

“The Mississippi Conference is committed to leading the way in effective wellness programs for its members,” continued Harper. “Healthy You! is another wonderful piece to the wellness package.”