Forever, Unending, Eternal Love


The mission of Kossuth United Methodist Church with children is called F.U.E.L for short:  Forever, Unending, Eternal Love.It began in the fall of 2007 when the people of Kossuth UMC heard the call of God to extend themselves in new ways into their community.  Their vision and focus was simple: It was their desire to invite children onto their campus and let them know that God loved them and that the people of the church loved them. They were not trying to discipline them, scold them, teach them or even recruit them. They just wanted to let the children know they were loved. 

They hoped for 50 children. They average more than 150 children each week. Children come through their doors after school and received love. 

A hot meal is served. Children are led through a Biblical curriculum that engages them in small and large group methods. They are helped with homework. They play together. They share their thoughts and growing faith.   

They are simply and profoundly loved. 

Fifteen volunteers from the congregation and the generosity of the entire membership make the mission possible. The people of Kossuth UMC say that God has done a great work in F.U.E.L. Their testimony is powerful and lovely: "Oddly enough, as we focus on loving the children that come to us, we feel a love that grows inside us each Wednesday that can only be give to a child of God." 

This is what it means to be the church. Thanks be to God! 

With gratitude for this and every ministry of the Mississippi Conference,