Annual Conference per diem


The per diem payment for the appointed clergy of the local church whether retired or active and for the lay members to annual conference of the local churches is the responsibility of each local church. 

The 2008 Annual Conference adopted the policy for conference paid per diem payments for the 2009 session.  In the 2008 Journal Volume 1 beginning on page 230 is the listing of the groups of members that will receive their per diem from the Annual Conference. The reason for paid per diem for lay people is that they are equalizing members for the Annual Conference. Retired clergy and clergy on disability are paid because their membership is in the Annual Conference. The conference Board of Pensions pays the per diem of the surviving spouses. If you are eligible, you will be contacted in May. The form is to be turned in at the preconference briefing and checks will be picked up at the Annual Conference site. No forms should be mailed in and no checks will be mailed out. 

The amounts set for per diem is $5 per meal and $50 per night that a member is in attendance. Per diem begins with the opening session and ends at the closing session. The projected per diem will be $30 for meals and $100 for rooms. Travel is not paid.