Society of St. Andrew offers study for Lent


Jesus commanded his followers to make feeding the hungry their mission on his behalf. In the Old Testament God called his people, his church to be his hands and feet in a world in need. What better way during Lent to honor God’s directive and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross than by helping to feed the hungry?  

The Society of St. Andrew, a national, ecumenical, nonprofit hunger relief ministry and Advance #801600, offers its 2009 Lenten Devotions program, “Christ’s Marvelous Hands.” An optional “Good Friday Fast” is available for use in conjunction with the daily devotions or as a stand-alone program. 

The Society of St. Andrew’s (SoSA) produce salvage programs are a common-sense and cost-efficient way to gather what is left in farm fields after the harvest to feed the hungry. SoSA has a 30-year history of ministry and has saved over half a billion pounds of good, nutritious food from going to waste. This food has been donated to critical feeding agencies throughout the nation, providing hungry people with 1.7 billion servings of nourishing food. Since SoSA delivers fresh food for about 2 cents per serving, a $1 a day donation during Lent ($47) will provide more than 2,000 servings of fresh produce for those who don’t get enough to eat. SoSA’s fundraising and administrative costs are less than 10 precent, which means that more than 90 cents of every donated dollar goes directly to providing food. 

All materials for the Society of St. Andrew’s Lent Devotions program are free. Order today – individuals can order their own packet, and churches can order a sample packet. Call 800-333-4597; fax 434-299-5949; e-mail; or order online at 

For more information about the Society of St. Andrew, its hunger-relief or Lenten Devotions programs, call 800-333-4597 or email