Letters: Israel’s action in Gaza doesn’t reflect God


In Israel we are reminded again of the uncivilized barbarity of war.

Jesus counseled us not to live by the old custom of an eye for an eye, etc. but to "love your enemies, do good to those that hate you," etc. Ancient Arab people lived by a similar custom called vendetta. If a member of one tribe killed a member of another tribe the law demanded that the murderer be killed (if he could be found) but if he could not be found, one ( only one) member of the offending tribe must be killed. The ancient Hebrews and Arabs considered this to be fair and just. In modem warfare humanity has slid very far back below this stage of evolution and civilized society.

Since the present offensive on Gaza, Israel (with our weapons) has slaughtered 714 (hundreds of those innocent and helpless children) of the offending tribe with the loss of 13 of their own (four of those from "friendly fire.")

What does this say about these "children of God" and what does it say about their God? What does it say about us who are accessory to such inhuman action and what does it say about our God?
C.E. Swain

The general rules of the United Methodist Church mandate that all conferences support the World Service fund, which include the (general) boards and agencies. There seems to be no wiggle room here. Among the boards and agencies which are funded through World Services are the General Board of Church and Society (GBCS), and the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM). For many United Methodists, this creates a very real problem.

Currently the GBCS and the GBGM are engaged in an all-out propaganda war which favor many far-left, humanistic causes.

But the most troubling of all is their open assault on the sovereignty of the nation of Israel. Since they don’t seem to believe God’s word, they don’t understand the fulfillment of prophecy that has taken place in Israel since the end of World War II. Like the religious leaders of old who sought to oppose the spiritual kingdom of Christ’s first coming, they seem to oppose the literal material kingdom that Christ will establish upon his second coming. They do this by offering their own non-Biblical idea of God’s “plan” for the church and the world.

The economic crunch, along with decreased membership, has hit our churches hard. Small churches such as mine struggle to pay our utilities and property insurance, and are currently taking up bi-monthly special offerings to pay their fair share. Yet each year our conference sends a million and a half dollars of our money to World Services.

True Bible-believing Methodists currently stand in the valley of decision. May God grant us wisdom to do what is right.
Robert Robbins