Galloway Memorial UMC collects ex-pastors’ sermons into book


From the Pulpit: Sermons from Historic Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church has recently been published by Pleasant Word Publishers. Compiled by Anne Webster, church archivist, From the Pulpit is a compilation of sermons from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Galloway, the oldest worshipping congregation in Jackson, still sits on the original acreage first provided it by the state Legislature in 1837. The messages presented reflect the times in which they were written and show the concern the pastors had for their congregation and its spiritual growth. The times have not changed that much; the sermons are just as relevant today as when they were first delivered. The pastors represented include: Clovis Chappell, W.B. Selah, Jeff Cunningham, Warren Hamby, Robert Kates, Clay Lee and Bert Felder.

A final section called "Lagniappe," shares a sermon of E. Stanley Jones when he visited Galloway in 1971, the sermon notes of Bishop Charles B. Galloway secured from a collection at the state archives, and the first sermon given to the Galloway congregation by Ross Olivier.

From the Pulpit is available at Cokesbury and Lemuria bookstores in Jackson and online via or