Listening to God requires higher frequency


A Stream Of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook

“Grace to you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” — Colossians 1 :2b

I can remember when I was younger listening to the radio. I found it to be interesting to see just how many stations I could find. Sometimes I could find a lot of different radio stations everywhere. I could do that all day because I enjoyed searching to see what I could find. Sometimes I could find something to listen to until it faded out. I would then start looking for another frequency of a radio station in a far off location.

It was interested how much you could learn by just listening. Even now, sometime I find myself searching so I might find something out there. What they say you have to do is really fine tune it. To do the fine tuning, you take it slow and keep listening. It won’t take long to hear something to listen to. It may not last long before it fades out, and you may go somewhere else and find another station that may last for a few minutes. You have to do is keep trying, and soon you may run upon a different frequency and hear other things.

Jesus Christ speaks to us, and we don't really realize he is trying to get us on his frequency. God is always ready to hear us. We must really be willing to tune him in and get on his frequency. We must be prepared to really listen to him; listen to what he has to say to all of us. After we get our ears fine tuned with him, we can understand him and see how much we could learn from him. He's really to speak to us. All we need to do is have an open mind and open heart ready to spend time with him; let him know where we are and what we may need.

Jesus Christ has a lot to give us, but he also needs to know what we need. Jesus Christ is always ready to listen, and we need to listen to him.

Are you really to get ready to get on the same frequency with God? He is always ready to listen to us, but are we ready to listen to him? We need to take time out to listen to him and hear what he has planned for us.

What frequency are you listening to? Jesus can always be tuned in so that we spend time with him. Try to get on the Lord's frequency and just listen to see what he has to say.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, please teach us to listen to you and get to learn to listen to you and be on your frequency and be able to hear what you want to ten us and what we must do for you. Thank you for you never ending love and all you do for us and take care of us. In your name we always praise your name. Amen.

Westbrook is a member of Pearl United Methodist Church and a regular columnist for the “Advocate.”