Christmas cards help support work of Society of St. Andrew


Increasingly, people are searching for meaningful, alternative ways to share the celebration of the birth of Christ with their family and friends. The chaos that has become Christmas in the secular world is so “loud” it nearly drowns out the true meaning of this holy season.

Helping to provide food for some of the 35 million Americans who don’t get enough to eat is one way to put Christ back into Christmas, since it is he who commands us to feed “the least of these.”

The Society of St. Andrew, a national hunger relief ministry and Advance #801600, offers an alternative way to share the true meaning of Christmas, not just with people you know, but with thousands you will never meet but whom you can help feed. For a minimum donation of $12 per card, you can send its custom-designed alternative Christmas card to those you wish to honor with a donation to feed the hungry, or you can have the Society of St. Andrew (SoSA) send the cards for you.

This year’s card is the 14th in a series designed exclusively for SoSA by Virginia liturgical artist Annis McCabe. The full-color, 7-inch by 5-inch card features original art outside and inside describing “The Work of Christmas” put forth in Howard Thurman’s poem of the same name. This was also the verse used in SoSA’s first Christmas card. This one-of-a-kind card announces a generous gift to feed the hungry in the name of the honorees; the giver will also receive the card as a thank you and confirmation of the order.

The Society of St. Andrew saves good, nutritious, excess fresh produce that will go to waste for various marketing reasons and gets it distributed to service agencies across the country that feed the hungry, at no cost to the agencies or those they feed. The $12 minimum gift donation for each card will provide about 800 servings of nourishing food to the hungry.

The Society of St. Andrew’s Christmas Gift Donation Cards can be ordered by mail, phone, fax, or online: 800-333-4597, fax at 434-299-5949, e-mail to or online at

For more information call 800-333-4597, e-mail or go to SoSA’s website at