Druid Hills UMC leaves members laughing with Halloween party


Druid Hills United Methodist Church in Meridian decided to have a Halloween party for its fifth Wednesday night gathering.

Gertie Myers and Rosemarie Lucovich took charge of the program. They had Madeline Straham appear as the news anchor for television station WDOG. She was dressed in fake leopard skin and carried a stuffed tiger in her arms. She retold recent TV news items using her version of what happened. Jimmy Myers was the sportscaster. Pete Lucovich appeared as the weatherman wearing sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt, red tie and red suspenders.

Another sketch centered on a fashion show. As the narrator, Rosemarie Lucovich was dressed as a hillbilly with her hair platted in braids and her teeth blacked out. Young and older women participated by wearing clothes that were pretty and some that were pretty freaky. Ina Herrington and Joyce Bond, who wore attire from the rummage sale, played big roles in the show. Other women in the fashion were Noel Clay, Carmen Hollis, Maria Pierce and Breanna Pinion.

Honored during Pastor Appreciation Month for their services to Druid Hill were the Rev. David and Gloria Meadows.