Bound together in transition


“Many wept. . .many shouted for joy. . .” — Ezra 3:12

 At this historic time, there are dramatic expressions of hope, disappointment, energy, fatigue.  In all these expressions of the human spirit, there is the mark of God. 

We are incomplete in ourselves. We need one another. Our differences have been highlighted in the long campaign as those offering themselves for public service have engaged with one another and with us. 

It is good to pause and to gather ourselves.   

First, to gather self. To be gracious whether our perspective prevailed or was defeated. To be hopeful whether our candidate garnered the majority of votes. To be prayerful for those who have been elected to lead in our nation and our communities. 

Second, to gather ourselves. To remember the power of community. To be generous and gracious in engaging across dividing lines of opinion. To be courageous in the building of new coalitions for the good of all. 

Let us give thanks for those who have dared to offer themselves for public service. Let us pray for healing for those who are disappointed and strength for those who are elected. 

Let us unite with one another across our differences to hold President-elect Barack Obama in our prayers as he moves forward to lead us. There is nothing to be gained from holding our hearts and energies in reserve. There is everything to be gained in offering ourselves courageously in community with one another. 

May God's gracious presence and continuing power be with us, today and always. 

With gratitude for sharing this life,