Everyone needs education, if not college


By Rev. Eugene Stockstill
Guest Columnist    

Going to college may not be for everyone, but education is for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you learn in a classroom or in a boardroom. Or in a mechanic’s shop. Or out in a field somewhere. It takes all kinds to make a world, and it takes some kind of education to find your way in the world. I’m told that Toyota requires more than 30 hours of specialized testing for all its employees. More than 30 hours of testing. Think about that.

The philosopher Plato believed that some people were born for books and some were born for bricklaying. I don’t believe it. Old dogs learn knew tricks. I do believe that we don’t all have the same abilities. Sometimes we’re afraid that what we can do isn’t as important as what someone else can do. “He can run faster than me.” “I don’t understand math like she does.” We sell ourselves short and then wonder why we are unhappy because we settled for less than our very best.

Teen pregnancy. School-dropouts. Drug use and abuse. You usually don’t fall into these holes if you know that you have a future. So go and get your education, whatever kind of education it needs to be. There is plenty of help for you. Financial help. Other kinds of help. Please look for it. Ask for it. And find your gifts. You have them. Then go and find your future. For God’s sake. And for yours. Good journey.

Stockstill is senior minister at Tremont United Methodist Charge.