Many drug problems start with alcohol


By Skipper Anding
Guest Columnist

When I was growing up, just about everyone seemed to be Christian and most were trying to live by Christian values.  Maybe I am more aware of things around me, but it doesn’t feel that way any longer.  

Today we face some tough situations. After serving on a grand jury, I was shocked that about 40 people per month, or more than one a day, were being arrested for using cocaine in Madison County. I understand that crack cocaine can cause an addiction with only one use. Just one time – that’s serious danger! These drugs are very expensive. Where does this money come from?   Most of the men were stealing things. Most of the women were writing bad checks. Either way, they wound up under arrest and waiting in jail for their trial. 

Working and good behavior can lessen a sentence. Some of them clean restrooms in government buildings. They get free striped suits and some work outdoors. That sounds good until you consider they are picking up trash along the highway.

 It’s something to think about. A danger of alcohol is that starting with it can lead to serious addiction to other drugs. Consider joining me and leaving it alone. Your head will be clear to think.

Anding is the son of the Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Anding of Florence and a member of Madison St. Matthews United Methodist Church.