Meridian District UMW holds its annual meeting


Kay Riser, president of the Meridian District United Women, welcomed 68 members and guest to the Annual Meeting, “Called By Name.”

The event was held Oct. 11.

Frances Gail Jones led the diverse group in prayer and song. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sarah King invited Dr. Robert Burg, a cancer doctor, and Sylvia Macarthur, a cancer survivor, of the Carousel Support Group give a presentation on detection, treatment and survival after breast cancer.  

Betty Thompson, wife of Meridian District Superintendent Timothy Thompson spoke at the event. Her message was that God created you, and he is forming you into the form he wants you to be. God redeems us in the blood of his son. Our health is in God’s hands, so when you are in the hospital you can think, God has called you. Our hope is not in this world but in the savior.

Anne Davis gave a financial report.

District officers gave a report on what they had accomplished during the year. A candle burning in memory of deceased members and in recognition of people who have done outstanding work during the year was observed under the leadership of Diane Reynolds. A gathering of Thank Banks and Idle Pennies was held by Davis. Patricia Everett installed two new officers; Walterrene Kelly, Susie Harris and those officers already serving as officers. Kay Rishers closed the meeting with prayer.