A letter from David Stotts


A letter from David Stotts, Mississippi Conference Treasurer and Benefits Officer:

Greetings All:

 The rates for the conference wide property insurance program should be ready by November 21.  Our plan is to send you the quote along with a summary of insurance coverage which meets all of the requirements of the annual conference action. You will have the opportunity to request additional levels of coverage and to receive a quote for that.  We are very confident that you will be pleased with the 2009 quote and find it very competitive. 

A J Gallagher, our risk managers; will have a day in each district where they will be able to meet with you and your trustees individually to go over your policy and answer your questions.  This makes them more accessible to you.  The date for your district will be included with your quote. 

We know that in an effort to be the best stewards of the local church budget, you must select the best quote for your church.  We just ask that you compare the coverage to your needs and the levels of liability coverage that is required by conference action.  Those levels are listed below.  Also be sure you are comparing "apples to apples" and not "bananas to strawberries". 

As Henderson Rasberry , Chair of Conference Trustees, always says, our conference wide program is available to every church and every entity that is United Methodist in our conference.  When you are looking at companies outside the conference wide program, just know that you are working with companies that may or may not (it is at the provider's discretion) provide access to coverage to all churches and entities.  No one can control who their offering is to.  Our conference wide program is controlled by the annual conference and is open to ALL United Methodist churches and entities in our conference.  It must be remembered that we must have critical mass to be able to continue to offer the coverage to all who desire the conference wide plan.

 One final thought.  Please remember that if you find it in the best interest of your local church to leave the conference wide program, our conference wide program table has chairs for all of our 1,135  churches.  While your chair may be empty, it will never be taken away from the table.  Come home at any time!

Minimum Coverage Standards
As affirmed at 2008 Annual Conference

1.         Pastoral Professional Liability
              Limit Each Claim / Annual Aggregate                                              $1,000,000 / $3,000,000
2.         Directors and Officers Liability – Claims Made Coverage
             Limit Each Claim / Annual Aggregate                                               $1,000,000 / $1,000,000
3.         Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability (limit per accident)
              Leased Vehicles / Hired and Non-Owned Vehicles                                             $1,000,000
4.         Physical or Sexual Abuse Liability (Sexual acts liability)                                     $1,000,000
5.         Commercial Automobile Liability                                                             
              Church Owned Vehicles                                                                                             $1,000,000
6.         Volunteer Liability
               Church Members With Respect to Duties As Such                                             $1,000,000
7.         General Liability                                                                                    $1,000,000 / $3,000,000