SBC aims for churches to be Online in 2009


It is often said that God does not provide the vision without the provision.

Online 2009 is an example of a ministry vision for which God provided the provision. The Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century team had a goal of helping all pastors obtain an e-mail address to facilitate communication with the possibility of later setting up web sites for interested churches.

Around the same time, Sandra Randall and Gilbert Victor, both information technology professionals employed at Samarion, Inc., in Ridgeland, felt called by God to offer their services to help SBC21 by rolling out some technology initiatives. After a few meetings with the SBC21 team representative, the following plan was developed:

• Provide E-mail addresses for all pastors
• Provide assistance in establishing website
• Provide computer networking assistance
• Provide assistance in management software selection, installation, and training

Participating churches will be asked to an investment in the program.They will be expected to provide information for a Web site, pay to reserve the domain name (less than $10 per year) and agree to have two or three youth to be trained to update the Web site.

In addition, two or three youth will be needed to learn how to assist in the installation and upkeep of the network. The churches will purchase all the equipment need for their network.Churches will also be asked to provide two or three people to be trained in using the software and provide equipment for the software to be installed.

In return for that investment, churches should expect to see decreases in the technology gap between ethnic minority and ethnic majority churches.

It should provide a means for the church to reach out to the local and world community; provide a centralized place for information about the church, facilitate communication among church members, the district and conference; youth will be trained with marketable skills; an investment in the life and ministry of the church, and establishes a worldwide presence for the church.

For information, contact the Rev. Fitzgerald Lovett at 601-354-0515 or