Stepping out of poverty


In partnership with the Roman Catholic and Episcopal Dioceses of Mississippi and the Southern Regional Office of Children's Defense Fund, the Mississippi Conference will be observing Children's Sabbath 2008 with a family fun event on Oct. 18.

The purpose of Children's Sabbath is:

• To celebrate the gift of children to us
•  To raise awareness of children's needs in our community and state
•  To commit or dedicate ourselves to be a part of changing our community and world on behalf of the children

Sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund, the National Observance of Children’s Sabbathis an annual, multi-faith even that celebrates children as sacred gifts of God, and provides the opportunity for communities of faith to renew and live out their moral responsibility to care, protect and advocate for all children. Through the service of worship, educational programs, and congregational activities, you can affirm what your place of worship already does with and for children while challenging members to take new actions and commit to new efforts to meet the needs of children in your community, state, and our nation.

The focus for Children's Sabbath this year is poverty. General Conference 2008 stated at its gathering in Ft. Worth, Texas, in May that these next four years would have four focal points, one of those being "engaging in ministry with the poor." 

A child in Mississippi is born into poverty every 46 minutes. Mississippi ranks 50th among states in the percentage of children who are poor. Some 749,569 children live in Mississippi; 227,656 are poor.

What can you do about it? That is what this event is all about.