With date fast approaching, make your plans for Children’s Sabbath


What is Children’s Sabbath? Children’s Sabbath is a national movement that aims to unite religious congregations of all faiths in shared concern for children and a common commitment to improving their lives and working for justice on their behalf. 

There is great diversity in the celebration and observance of Children’s Sabbath. There are, however, three important foci of a Children’s Sabbath that are present regardless of the way you choose to recognize it:

• A celebration of the gifts of children

• Raised awareness of issues facing our children in our community, state and nation. Focused concerns for the previous legislative session have included, full Funding for Mississippi Adequate Education Plan, funding for pre-kindergarten pilot programs, more accessible State Children’s Health Insurance Plan, state funds for childcare assistance, lowering the grocery tax and raising the cigarette tax and making just policies that target the cradle-to-prison pipeline

• Call to action responses that seek justice and equality for all children

When is Children’s Sabbath? The National Observance of Children’s Sabbath is Oct. 17-19. The United Methodist calendar has opted for Oct. 12 as its observance date. The importance is on doing it, not when you do it. 

Are you planning a Children’s Sabbath observance or celebration this year? Free planning resource manuals are available in the conference office to everyone who requests one. 

Plans are being made to recognize local churches that participate in Children’s Sabbath each year. Add your name to the list. Contact the Rev. Michelle Foster at 601-354-0515 ext. 28 or michelle@mississippi-umc.org.