Show Methodist pride with UM license plate


Are you proud to be a United Methodist?

You can display your pride by joining the other proud United Methodist who have already reserved a Mississippi United Methodist license plate. The conference needs only 135 more reservations to make this tag a reality. For $31, you can exchange the current tag on your car or pickup truck with the new Mississippi United Methodist tag. You will not only be showing your pride in the mission and ministry work the denomination is doing, you will be contributing to it also. Twenty-four dollars of every tag goes to ministry in Mississippi. For the first year, those funds will be divided among the community centers. 

Send in an application form (available to with your check for $31. When the tag is produced, it will be delivered to your tax assessor’s office. You will be contacted by that office to bring in your current tag and exchange it for the new tag. Each year after, you will just pay the $31 and continue to show your pride in the denomination and be in the mission and ministry work in the Mississippi Conference. 

As the tag says, “GO” into the world to do the work God has called Methodists to do with open hearts, open minds, open doors.