Beginning Response


As Hurricane Gustav continues its track inland, the Disaster Relief ministry is in full swing. From the Mississippi Conference headquarters to district offices to local churches to neighborhoods across the state, the remnants of Gustav are alive and well. Bad weather is predicted to impact much of the state through Wednesday night.

Churches and pastors are calling into the conference office to report their status. Our district coordinators are working to assess the damages in their areas. By most reports, the damages are much more limited than they could have been. By Thursday, we will have some more boots on the ground and continue with how we are responding.

We are also working with our brothers and sisters in Louisiana as they assess and share needs. We are looking for folks to receive ERT training who may be requested for help in those areas hit hardest. We will make that information available as we receive it.

The call center is housed at the conference office: 601-354-0515 or 866-647-7486.

How You Can Help
• Pray
• Give to the response efforts earmarked for hurricane response. Send to Mississippi Conference, Mississippi Gustav Response, P.O. Box 1201, Jackson, MS 39205
• Volunteers contact Robert McCoy at 662-213-6400
• Donations and resources contact Brenda Hiatt at 601-917-7094 or Rex Hiatt at 601-917-9201.
• If you want to set up a collection point for donations, contact Roger Shock at 662-397-2626.

Water, Water, Everywhere!
Although you have worked so graciously over the last many months collecting them, we can still use flood buckets. They are a very popular item because of their practicality.

Contact: Brenda Hiatt at Brenda Hiatt at 601-917-7094.

Thank you for your gracious spirit and loving care.