Pastor’s book seeks God in hard circumstances


The Rev. Shane Stanford has release a new book, When God Disappears, that investigates where God is in the midst of impossible circumstances and helps readers see life and faith in a way most have never considered — through Stanford’s own lens as a father, husband, minister, author and speaker who is a hemophiliac living with HIV and hepatitis-C.

Stanford takes six unique Jesus encounters in the gospels and examines Jesus’ way of connecting with people.

Providing numerous examples from his own life, Stanford demonstrates the ways in which Jesus connects with people, yesterday and today.

In the foreword, Deanna Favre, best-selling author and wife of NFL quarterback Brett Favre writes, “Without a doubt, there are times when the giants seem too big, the trees too high to climb and the rocks plentiful for those who throw them. Yet, as Shane demonstrates, these are the times that can deepen our faith.”

When God Disappears is designed to help readers see that in Jesus’ gospel encounters, with Simon Peter to the woman at the well, life can be messy and frightening, but it can also be joyful, powerful and full of daily grace. In the most difficult circumstances of life, Stanford writes that God is always present, though it may not always feel like it.

Included in the back of the book is a study and reflection guide for individual study or small group discussion.

Stanford is ministry leader/host for The United Methodist Hour. He also hosts Time That Makes the Difference, a television program airing in more than 30 million homes weekly.

Stanford is the author and developer of numerous seminars and workshops, including A2 Indicators, a healthy-church assessment tool that has been used in over 800 congregations.

Stanford spoke recently at Saddleback Church at the invitation of Rick and Kay Warren. He also writes a regular blog/evotion, “Making Life Matter” and has published articles in numerous magazines.

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