Gustav Update 08/29/08


On this, the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we continue to remember and celebrate the way God has worked in response, relief and recovery following the storm.

However, we know emotions are still high and no one wants another hurricane.

But, because of our experience with Katrina, we are more prepared for any new crisis or situation.

With hurricane season upon us and with Hurricane Gustav projected to make landfall along the Gulf Coast, we intend to respond quickly and communicate effectively with you. To that end, we plan daily email updates and a weekly printed update for information concerning response, relief and recovery.

Our Mississippi Conference Disaster Recovery and Seashore District Disaster Recovery Teams have met, confirmed their strategic response plan and are ready to respond to needs that arise from a possible impact.

Many of you are asking what you can do to assist in this process. For now, we need you to do the following:

  • Wait and Prepare. If you are out of the projected impact zone, please wait and watch for more information. If you are in a borderline or primary impact zone, prepare locally with adequate supplies.
  • Pray. Please remember those in the path of this storm, both here and beyond, in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Send your monetary donations marked “Mississippi Hurricane Relief” to the conference office. Our response funds have been depleted from Katrina, and your contributions will allow us to more effectively begin the response process. Please do not send non-monetary contributions until further notice.

Mississippi Annual Conference UMC
P.O. Box 1201
Jackson, MS  39215

In times of crisis, we know “waiting” is difficult. Many times, our intuition is to respond by sending supplies or arriving on the scene personally. However, in the words of Wesley, our first goal is to “do no harm.” We must allow our disaster response teams to assess the situation and provide the best ways for us to make difference.

 So, again, we thank you for your prayers and encourage your response, as we, once again, live out the Gospel as the “hands and feet of Jesus” together.

 For more information, you may call the conference office at 1-866-MISS4UM (647-7486). If, for some reason, the conference office is in the primary impact zone and unable to respond, please call one of our cell phone numbers provided below.

Blessings and Peace,

Steve Casteel
Director of Connectional Ministries

Embra Jackson
Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

David Stotts
Director of Finance and Administration

Lisa Garvin
Director of Ministerial Services

Shane Stanford
Team Leader, Message and Media 

Websites for storm Information: