Letter to the Editor: Some delegates must choose God or immorality



General Conference 2008 had one big problem that is being largely ignored. Some of the delegates think they can live immorally and be a Christian at the same time. 

Remember King David? David didn’t turn back to God until the prophet Nathan confronted him face to face with his sin. The Bible tells us we are not to have fellowship with those who live immorally and yet claim to be followers. We are not even to eat with them (I Cor. 5:11).  How else can they recognize their broken relationship with God? 

At the conference someone proposed including evil same-sex unions in our definition of marriage.  This was defeated 574-298, but these 298 delegates must be told of the error of their ways. They need a means of grace through Christ. It should be told right from the podium at the next conference. 

Last year a busload of homosexual activists protested at Mississippi College because the school has a policy of supporting traditional marriage only – not same-sex unions.  I caught the protesters off campus resting after their lunch and told them about God’s word.  Romans 6 reads, “Don’t let sin rule over your body.  Don’t become a slave to evil.  Give yourself to God and become a slave that pleases God.”

 I answered their questions for a half hour or so and urged them to turn back to God.  The Bible tells us in II Timothy 4:2, “Be prepared in season and out of season with great patience and careful instruction.”

What instruction was given our lost delegates at the General Conference? They don’t know it, but they have a big decision to make. Will they listen to God’s word or the false ministers who tell them anything they want to hear? David was fortunate to be confronted with the truth. It gave him a chance to turn back to God. Our wavering delegates will have the same opportunity whenever they hear the truth. This is so much like Elijah facing the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah. 

If we have the faith in God and courage of the prophet confronting King David we too will be in effective in facing this crisis. And that’s the truth.

Skipper Anding