Discover God’s Call plans retreat to help learn, use spiritual gifts


In 1996, Shelia Gillies of D’Iberville came across a brochure about a Discover God’s Call retreat.

Gillies was shy and had never been on a retreat, but something urged her to register.

“When the pre-retreat study materials arrived and I began my daily reading, a whole new world opened up for me in regard to understanding spiritual gifts, what they are, what the Bible says about them and how God equips each Christian with his spiritual gifts,” she said. “The blessings I received from that weekend have literally changed my Christian life. At the retreat I received a dose of confidence that I am still using for the Lord twelve years later.

“During those years God has called me to many ministries. I am still discovering God’s call for my life as he continues to guide me in using my spiritual gifts. Besides accepting Jesus as my lord and savior, attending that Discover God’s Call retreat was the greatest thing that I have done in equipping myself to be the Lord’s disciple.”

If you’re interested in attending a Discover God’s Call retreat, the next one is scheduled for Nov. 7-9 at Camp Wesley Pines in Gallman. The Rev. Dale Hathorn, a United Methodist evangelist, will be the speaker. The deadline to register is Sept. 26. The cost is $145 for first time Discoverers and $125 for those returning. Those who attend a retreat are assisted in finding out what their spiritual gifts are and how God might be calling them to use them in their local church.

For information you may visit or call the registrar, Steve Seeley, at 601-372-7461 or organization president Mike Norcom at 601-924-4666.