Foundation’s Scholarship Committee awards $75K to students


The Scholarship Committee of The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation recently awarded $75,000 in scholarships to 65 Mississippi United Methodist students for the 2008-2009 school year.

The foundation committee met July 8 to review applications.

“John Wesley, and the Wesleyans, believed and followed (the) admonition to join learning and discipleship in Christian living,” the Rev. Rayford Woodrick said in his devotional to open the meeting. “John himself attended charterhouse on a scholarship for poor boys; he studied at Christ Church, one of the Oxford colleges, on a scholarship/fellowship; and he returned to Oxford as a teaching fellow at Lincoln College. Early in the Methodist movement, the Wesleys were active in organizing schools.

“Early in American Methodism this emphasis on sound learning and vital piety was continued, as Methodists organized schools and colleges throughout the 1800s and 1900s; through the years Methodists have been active in providing chaplaincies, and organizing church-related organizations on campuses; thus, continuing the union of sound learning and vital piety,” he said.

“It is properly within the scope of the purposes of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation to try to encourage and enable students in general studies or ministerial studies to achieve in their lives sound learning and vital piety.”

The Mississippi UM Foundation is trustee for some 34 endowment funds established by churches, Sunday school classes, United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men groups and individuals wishing to make lasting gifts to support ministry and mission both now and in the future. The income for many of these funds is distributed back to the church for its intended use. The Foundation receives applications from January to June 1 of each year from active United Methodist students across Mississippi. The scholarship committee reviews these applications then makes awards based on the amount of funds available and the intended use of the donor.