Thank Christ for taking away ‘blindness’


A Stream Of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook 

 “Then Jesus said to him, Go your way; your faith has made you well." - Mark 10:52

Not only did Jesus teach, but he did miracles as he went along his way. People sat by the roadside hoping that they could get Jesus to heal them. He was going through Jericho and people who were sick or hurting lined the streets hoping they could get Jesus to stop and heal them of their sickness and other problems.

Bartimaeus was blind and he was sitting on a blanket. When he heard that Jesus was coming down the street he started yelling and hoping that Jesus would come his way.

When Jesus did come by he saw and heard Bartimaeus yelling. He stopped and asked the blind man what he could do for him. Jesus asked, "What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus begged Jesus to let him see again. After his sight came back, he picked up his blanket and starting following Jesus.

I believe that there is healing still happening in the world. We hear of healing, and we get excited about it but soon forget who does the healing. I sincerely believe that miracles are still happening in the world. Some people are getting well from different illness, and they seem forgot who took care of them. I believe that the Lord moves around the world going around healing people.

We have to believe that Jesus does heal and takes care of his people. Some people who are in need give God the glory from what he has done. But some don't even think about who helped them. They forget quickly about who really healed them. They just go ahead and act as if nothing has happened. They won’t give the glory to God for everything he has done for them.

God still performs miracles, and we don't give him the glory. He has done so much for us and can't even get a thank you.

Have you ever seen one of his miracles; maybe that helped you or a family member. Do you need a miracle done in your life? Just ask him.