Arise, Shine — onward!


“You are the light of the world.” — Matthew 5

As presiding officer of the annual conference, I have a unique view. That unique view is of you, the lay and clergy members.

I have unique place, in the center of the swirl of celebration and discernment. I also have a unique responsibility to listen to all that emerges in our shared life. 

Among the things I saw and heard are these:

• We are welcoming and celebrating young people in leadership in our church.

• We are committed to our shared life even as we experience the push and pull of differing opinions.

• We are anxious about resources for our ministry.

• We are eager for solutions that help all our churches be vibrant.

• We can engage difficult decisions with dialogue,respect and restraint.

• We are willing to challenge one another.

• We are willing to risk change as we embrace God's future.

• We witnessed a large, strong group of persons for ordination and commissioning.

• We strengthened our commitment to reach more younger people and more diverse people.

• We packaged more than 100,000 meals for global distribution and received $100,000 for Global AIDS Fund.

• We made decisions to move forward in new ways with gradual steps, with evaluation and accountability.

What did you see and hear? I welcome your wisdom. I do believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit, all of us are smarter than any of us. We need one another to live faithfully forward. 

May you be richly blessed in the days ahead.