The doors of the ark will soon be closed


A Stream of Faith
By Charles Westbrook

 "The Earth was so corrupt before God and the earth was filled was filled with violence." - Genesis 6:11   

In Genesis, we are told the earth was corrupt and full of sin. The people were living in sin and had not worshiped God. The people did not listen to what God was telling them: There was going to be a great flood over the earth. Noah listened to God and what he said. God hated that his own people had turned against him. So God told Noah that he would destroy the earth to get rid of the corruption and start again.

God saw where his own people were doing as he had told them about how to live and to take care of the earth. In Genesis 12, God looked upon the earth and saw that everyone had gone their own way and started living in sin.

God came to Noah and told him everything that he was going to do. Noah was given instructions on what to do to before the rain started. God told Noah how to build the ark and all measurements to let Noah know what to expect. God guided Noah through each step of building the ark. Noah took God's instructions and followed them. Noah didn't have blueprints; he just followed God's directs and he listened to everything God had to say.

Soon the day of rain was about to start. Noah had to get animals, birds and other creatures and plants on the ark. Noah was told to get two of each creation. They would have to be fed and taken care of. Then the rain started. Noah and his family went aboard and started taking care of the animals. God closed the door.

 I suppose that it was crowded with two of each animal, bird or creature we have on earth.

The door was shut tightly by God and no one could get in or out. Everyone outside was trying to get in, but because God had shut the door nobody could get in.

What would you do if you were told by God that you were going to build an ark for your family and all types of animals? Would you be willing to be someone like Noah? It would take a lot of work and faith. I sometimes wonder how they made it.

Yes, Noah made a good deal by putting his faith ahead of fear and obeyed God and carried on his mission. Do you think you would or does your faith in God carry you through whatever you need or do? If not just ask God for a stronger faith.

It might not be building an ark, but we Christians have a task before us: Telling others about God's love. His love for us is very deep. God wants us to tell others about him.

Open your heart, that's all he needs. He will do the rest.

Westbrook is a member of Pearl United Methodist Church and a regular contributor to the "Advocate."