Gloriously ruined


Kay Warren is an AIDS activist, creator of the AIDS Initiative of Saddleback Church (weekly attendance 22,000) in Lake Forest, Calif. She is married to Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church and author of "Purpose-Driven" books. 

Kay describes herself as a "gloriously ruined woman." She describes her conversion to the needs of those living with AIDS after reading an article describing the effects of AIDS and how 12 million children have been orphaned by the crisis. She says, "I wondered what was wrong with my faith when so many were suffering and I did not know anyone with HIV/AIDS." She describes the realities of the suffering caused by AIDS and says, "I hope that you are shattered, too. We have to be seriously disturbed before we are compelled to do something." 

It is within our grasp to save lives and make sure that children are not left orphaned in our world. It is within our grasp to comfort and heal and help those living with AIDS in our communities across Mississippi. 

I have designated the 2008 Annual Conference Offering for The Global AIDS Fund of The United Methodist Church. Each annual conference is seeking to raise $1 per member for this cause. With more than 180,000 members in Mississippi, the potential for great generosity and great impact is before us. 

Thank you for inviting an offering in your congregation. Seek to raise $1 per member as a starting point. Greater generosity will bless even more lives. Bring your offering to Annual Conference and present it on Monday night during the evening worship service led by the youth of the Mississippi Conference.