Fostering young clergy vital to building strong churches


The Crisis of Younger Clergy
By Lovett H. Weems and Ann A. Michel  

"Young clergy are an endangered species. Be very good to them." -  Bishop Robert Schnase

God calls and graciously gives us a role in fostering the calling of young clergy. 

The statistics are sobering. Weems and Michel help us understand that "the future of the church is linked inextricably with the presence of capable young clergy." Congregational health is essential in attracting young leaders. The receptivity of church culture to young leaders and new ideas matters. 

Declining numbers of young people in our churches is a central issue: "The pool from which young candidates for ordained ministry are most likely to emerge is simply smaller than in the past."

What might happen if our congregations took chapter 13 seriously?

This is a book for every church to read as we seek to welcome more people, more young people and more diverse people. I invite you to read this book in preparation to our time together at Annual Conference as we engage these ideas with Lovett Weems.

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