Appointed to servant ministry


"O Lord, I am your servant." -- Psalm 116:16

As you read this column, pastoral appointments for 2008-2009 will be projected and shared with clergy and local churches.

The ministry of superintending is both joyful and demanding. We have been with you in your local congregations, accompanying you in challenges, encouraging you in visioning and celebrating your effectiveness in mission. It is through this connection with you that we draw wisdom and discern pastoral appointments.

The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church describes consultation as a continuing process. All that we know of your giftedness informs the ministry of superintending.

As we began our appointive work, we prayed for every congregation and every appointed clergy by name. The vast majority of churches and charges will continue without pastoral changes. Where there are pastoral changes, we are committed to working with you for strong transitions in leadership.

Itineracy – the appointing of clergy to churches – is a means of profound connection. Let us pray for all the congregations and clergy of our annual conference in the days after Easter, giving thanks for the strong hope that binds us in Christ's ministry.