Discover God's Call gives recognition to member


At its fall retreat, the Mississippi Chapter of Discover God's Call recognized the service of one of its long time members, Loretta Mattade.

Formerly of Batesville First United Methodist Church, Mattade attended her first retreat in spring 1997. She faithfully returned to almost every retreat that was held in Mississippi until she moved to Clarksville, Tenn., several years ago. As a repeat attendee, Mattade participated in the Serendipity Bible study and the prayer group.

Her most significant contribution to the ministry was her capable leadership in managing the book table. Not only did she keep all the funds straight, but she made sure there were plenty of items to purchase other than books that would not only be useful to retreat attendees but would also remind them of their Discover God's Call experience.

Mattade's faithfulness, spirit and kindness were cited as valuable assets to the ministry of Discover God's Call in Mississippi. The chapter honored Mattade with an honorary lifetime membership on the chapter's Executive Council. She was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a collage of pictures from the various retreats she had attended.

Discover God's Call is a retreat ministry sponsored by the Foundation for Evangelism of The United Methodist Church. Those who attend retreats are assisted in finding out what their spiritual gifts are and how God might be calling them to use them in their local church. For more information, visit us or call Registrar Steve Seeley at 601-372-7461 or President Mike Norcom at 601-924-4666.