Bishop's Bookshelf: Kansas City pastor offers 'gray space'


Recommendation: Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White:  Thoughts on Religion, Morality and Politics by Adam Hamilton

Comments: Adam Hamilton, the pastor of Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, has offered a powerful invitation to the church as we move toward the 2008 General Conference. In the midst of polarized groups, opinions and rhetoric, this book is a gift to lay and clergy leaders in the church. I hope that every Mississippi lay and clergy delegate to General Conference will read this book prayerfully in preparation for holy conferencing in Fort Worth in April. 

He writes, “Any issue about which thinking Christians disagree likely has important truth on each side of the debate.”  It requires courage to acknowledge that no one of us has all the truth and yet to create space for conversations in the church about issues that threaten to divide us.

After an introductory section, Hamilton offers chapters that engage issues that are often divisive. He shares the way he has opened conversation on these issues as pastor of the Church of the Resurrection, one of the largest United Methodist congregations in the United States. Hamilton shares his own life, faith and Christian experience and conviction in a way that is powerfully gentle and graciously inviting. We have much to learn from his example.

Adam Hamilton invites us to soulful gray space between polarities, glorious gray space that is holy, mysterious, complex, true. Let us find within our spirits the courage and humility to live and learn in this faithful space, to see gray, to discern a more excellent way.