Baddour begins construction project


Special to the Advocate

SENATOBIA — The Baddour Center broke ground Feb. 25 for the renovation and expansion of GoodWorks Complex II, one of two vocational complexes at the center.


 “The renovation and expansion of GoodWorks Complex II will be beneficial to everyone who works or passes by this facility,” said Parke Pepper, executive director of The Baddour Center, “We are so blessed to have the generous support of donors for this project. These donors contributed many things, from monetary gifts to time and passion for the project.”


In 2005, The Baddour Center began analyzing the structures campus-wide to determine which needed renovations. The GoodWorks Complexes were deemed a priority based on age and traffic flow as well as safety. Construction on GoodWorks Complex II will begin part one of a two-phase project. The project will cost approximately $1 million to complete. 


Seventy percent of Baddour’s resident population and a number of Baddour staff members work in GoodWorks Complex II. 


Over 2,000 square feet will be added to the existing structure, including a four-bay loading dock. Bruce Macgregor of J. Bruce Macgregor Architects in Atlanta worked with the center to design a building that will be more energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing. Employee and operational traffic will be separated to create a safer work space as well. 


Murphy and Sons of Southaven will oversee the 10-month project that is planned to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Baddour Vocational Division, which employees Baddour residents and day clients. The Vocational Division, known as Baddour Custom Packaging, has numerous clients, including Conwood Co. and FedEx.


“The entire campus is buzzing with excitement to see this project through to completion,” said Pepper. “This excitement coupled with the work performed is just one of many expressions of pride that Baddour staff and particularly residents demonstrate in these buildings.”


The Baddour Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a model residential community for adults with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities in an environment that promotes maximum growth mentally, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and vocationally. Through the Vocational Division, individual growth through meaningful employment opportunities is available to Baddour residents and day clients.