My personal shepherd provides my needs


Streams of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” — Psalm 23:1

As I read this Psalm. I get a quiet, peaceful feeling knowing that my shepherd is always near and ready to help me. It reminds me of the shepherd carrying the lamb back to the group and rescuing it from all danger. As I go to this scripture, I notice the way that the shepherd carried it across his shoulders. We are weak, but with his strong arms and hands we know that we can trust him as our savior.

Listening to this Psalm, you can hear a soft water flowing as he carries us and lays us by the cool stream, allowing a peaceful time as we stay with him. We need his tender care. He provides us with everything we need and stays with us. Not only does he provide what we need, but he is always right there waiting for us to call on him.

When we are weary and weak we can turn to Him knowing that He's always there. When He restores our soul and runs our cups over with many blessings.

As we go through our lives. we can rest at Jesus' feet knowing that we can find rest and peace at our Lord's table. It's an honor to be in the position to sit at the Lord's table and have a conversation with him. We need Him to stay by our side and show us how we should live and worship Him.

He tells us how to live with enemies and how to live in his mercy. He helps us to learn how to witness for him and worship him.

I feel his peace. It will be great to sit with him. Go back to the stream and let Him take care of us.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for helping us each day and allow us to worship you learn from you. Please be with us as we go through this day. Show us how to live like you wish us do.