UMW project means curtains for cabins


By Julie S. Parker
Special to the Advocate

What started-out as a typical committee meeting grew into something much larger and wonderful than the United Methodist Women of Brandon First UMC imagined.

Members of the Susanna Wesley UMW Circle, ages 25-45, always strive to help families and children, but a chance phone call to Camp Wesley Pines during that committee meeting in January 2007 enabled the entire church to get involved in making curtains for 12 cabins at the camp.

After discussing the project with the circle, it was decided to research what it would take to complete the project.  Making curtains for 12 cabins, at first, did not sound very time consuming or difficult.  Then, the logistics of acquiring at least 500 yards of fabric, cutting, ironing and sewing these curtains together in a timely manner began to overwhelm the group. 

The circle’s expert tailor, Anna Hairston, agreed to spearhead the project. The plan included involving the other three UMW groups at Brandon First as well as opening the project to the entire congregation. Members offered assistance including tackling the jobs of sewing, ironing, babysitting, providing snacks, contributing money and prayer warrior. 

The Susanna Wesley Circle planned three Camp-Sew-A-Lots, which involved day and night sewing sessions at the church. Camp-Sew-A-Lot members met at the church and began the process of creating curtains. Individuals brought their sewing machines, ironing boards and irons. Volunteers even took fabric home and on vacation to sew the curtains. More than 40 women offered their services and talents to ensure the completion of the curtains for the 12 cabins by December.

 “It was an honor to make these curtains for Camp Wesley Pines knowing that my children will enjoy them for years to come,” said Jennifer Hutton, circle Mission Committee chair.

The Susanna Wesley Circle wanted to utilize not only their money to great mission projects, but also to utilize their hands and feet toward something worthwhile and close to home.

Parker is the immediate past president of the Susanna Wesley Circle.