Dreamers and mountaintops


“I have a dream. . .I have been to the mountain. . .” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Amazing writing was shared after 30 minutes of silence observed during the United Methodist Women’s Spiritual Life Retreat at Camp Wesley Pines. Our written reflections are a rich blessing. 


You are invited to contribute reflections in response to this question:  In what way has the life and witness of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired you and beckoned you onward?


The Mississippi Conference will mark April 4, 2008, the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King, with the sharing and publication of your reflections, continuing the process of reflection that we observed during Lent 2007. 


Perhaps you saw or heard Dr. King speak or preach. Perhaps you worked or witnessed with him.

Perhaps you were born after 1968. Having seen film clips, heard recordings, or read his words, you consider Dr. King a historical figure.


God has always summoned dreamers:  Jacob and his son Joseph, Ezekiel, Joel, Habakkuk, Joseph the earthly father of Jesus, Paul, John the receiver of revelation.


Mountaintops in scripture are holy, God-dwelling, God-meeting places: The mountain of transfiguration, the mountain of temptation, the teaching given on a mount.


What memory, what wisdom, what insight do you have to share?


I look forward to writing and to reading. Thank you for sending your reflections by Feb. 25 to Gwen Green at gwen@mississippi-umc.org.